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Blood Pressure Exam


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Ki-Bone Wellness Program

The Unique Solution for Wellness 

Ki-Bone aims for an ultimate balance of energy
in the body and circulation of energy, blood & water furthermore increased restoration of energy in harmony  

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MAP Program 

Massage, Acupuncture
& Physical Therapy 

Specialized Rehabilitation Program for people with Sports Injury , Recovery and Orthopedic Treatment. Major Insurances accepted (Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, UHC, etc)

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On-Site Consultation

New Business Opening Opportunity  

We provide the unique solution for the small business such as Spa, PT, Chiropractor offices and Massage shop for enhancing hands-on skill, exercise program, special massage tools and management

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On-Site Education Program

Posture Alignment Training for clinics and IT business  

For each health care profession and entity, they need to know how to maintain proper posture and mechanical movement during their work. We will give you a correct answer for your employees for Wellness program.

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