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CelLED Light Therapy Device

CelLED Light Therapy Device

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HolyStick is highly pleased to annoucing that we are the exclusive provider of Cel-LED Light therapy device from South Korea that is also collaborated with an Australian-based, industry leader in the provision of red light therapy devices and mind-body medicine products. We exist to provide people with products that really work, and allow the healing of acute and chronic conditions to be put back into your own hands.

Our customers come seeking an answer for one health condition, and find that their purchase brings more opportunities for much greater relief and healing than ever imagined.We have made it our mission to ensure you have the resources you need to get the absolute most from your purchase.

That’s why Research and Development is such a big part of what we do. Accurate and up-to-date information is powerful when it comes to health.

We supply our customers with useful and relevant educational tools to complement our product range and their uses.


Evidence - Here are science-backed reasons to own a CelLED Device:

  • Relieve Pain 
  • Reduce Inflammation 
  • Heal Wounds 
  • Improve Skin Health and Appearance 
  • Enhance Performance 
  • Speed Up Muscle Recovery 
  • Improve Your Brain’s Health
  • Regrow and Thicken Hair 
  • Improve Eye Health


The Infrared Light treatment is very much a hand-in-glove approach to healthcare offering increased benefit to existing modalities, often increasing the therapeutic benefit of medicines and treatment regimes such as physiotherapy and osteopathy.

We encourage Red Light Therapy users to speak with their medical professionals to further their knowledge and monitor changes in their patients wellbeing. If you are a medical professional please speak with us today about how Red Light Therapy can benefit your practice and patients alike.

Red Light Therapy is the process by which red and near infrared light waves are applied to the body for medical use. The near infrared light penetrates to a depth of up to 60mm, which makes it effective for treating areas deeper in the body.

Our highest quality LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), are safe concentrated light sources that produce specific wavelengths of light providing therapeutic benefits without unpleasant side effects. CelLED Devices are safe, comfortable, effective and easy for anyone to use.

Pain, inflammation and wounds are the conditions that have the highest quality evidence base; the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States have assessed and approved the LED Devices for such purposes, as Class IIa medical devices.

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    Scientific research into red light therapy.

    Red Light Therapy has been heralded as an innovative and non-invasive therapeutic approach for the treatment of many health conditions. It’s been proven effective in thousands of scientific studies and hundreds of clinical trials for reducing pain, inflammation and oedema, promoting healing of wounds, deeper tissu